Hi-touch support for major Legal Process Automation Solutions including Intapp, K2 and Metastorm.

Expert care and unparalleled support that goes beyond traditional  maintenance agreements.


Ensure your workflow investments are protected.

Vendor maintenance agreements are designed to only cover their BPM systems. Software maintenance doesn't protect your custom solutions and New Business Intake applications.

 We know and support more legal BPM solutions than anyone else, and work with you to understand, support and grow with your bespoke applications. 


Staffed by senior experts – not junior technicians - certified in all of the leading legal platforms and experienced in hundreds of legal application designs and implementations.


On-demand, fixed-fee, annual subscription program - unlimited expert support for your ever-evolving automation solutions. 


Mentoring and training support for your in-house staff - maximize ROI from your resource and technology investments.

Beyond Traditional Vendor Support Agreements


Experienced Staff Certified in the Leading Automation Platforms

  • Metastorm BPM
  • Intapp OPEN
  • K2 blackpearl
  • Adobe/Jetforms
  • Thomson Elite
Premium Service

 HyperCare+ Program Features:

  • All-Inclusive Annual Subscription Fee
  • Technical Support and Maintenance
  • Process Maintenance and Change Requests
  • Mentoring and Training
  • Urgent “System Down” Critical Response Team
  • Access to Process Experts and Consultants
  • Dedicated Priority Lines 
  • Performance Monitoring and Reporting 

 Common Covered Workflow Applications

  • New Business Intake
  • Conflicts Resolution
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Annual Rate Review
  • File Closing
  • Lateral File Transfer
  • IP Docket Automation
  • Litigation Docketing
  • Mobile Approvals



Vendor maintenance agreements are designed to cover their BPM systems, but BPM is a platform upon which you build your custom New Business Intake applications and other mission-critical workflow solutions.  Software maintenance simply doesn't address your custom solutions.

HyperCare+ covers your custom BPM solutions.  We know and support more legal BPM solutions than anyone else, and work with you to understand, support and grow with your bespoke applications. 


HyperCare is staffed by senior experts –not junior technicians – certified in all of the leading workflow platforms and experienced in hundreds of legal application designs and implementations.  These include today's most popular solutions as well as long-established legacy BPM implementations. 

  • Intapp OPEN
  • Metastorm BPM
  • K2 blackpearl
  • Adobe/Jetforms
  • Thomson Elite

We can also help you manage upgrades and migrations for legacy implementations.

Hyperion experts will provide support and maintenance services for your Covered Systems and address any defects in the production process(es) as they may arise, including:

Technical Support and Maintenance

  • Answer technical or process-related questions for Client staff
  • Review, research, and resolve issues
  • Escalate and manage issues relating to integration with Financial Systems
  • Escalate and manage issues relating to Covered System bug fixes
  • Make adjustments and changes to interface or process as required for issue resolution
  • Install and test Covered Solution Hotfixes and Service Packs
  • New or Replacement Server Installation of Covered System

Process Maintenance and Change Requests for Covered System Process(es)

  • Review and Discovery
  • Best Practice Consulting
  • Scoping and Scheduling
  • Technical Execution
  • Testing and Deployment
  • Request Lifecycle tracking

The following services are excluded from this support agreement:

  • Major release upgrades and implementations
  • New process development
  • Sub-process Development on production processes
  • Third-Party integrations, including new integrations into current production processes

Our HyperCare+ SLA provides that Hyperion experts will make every effort to respond to critical issues within 4 hours of notification, and non-critical issues within 1 business day.  We've been supporting the world's leading legal BPM implementations for 10 years, and our experience speaks for itself: 98% of support requests are answered within 2 hours of submission, and 85% of our support tickets are completed within 1 business day.

Hyperion's normal support hours of operation are 8 am to 8 pm in every US time zone, Monday through Friday. Extended hours may be made available for 'System Down' and critical issues, or when scheduled in advance for resource availability requirements. 

HypeCare+ is a simple annual renewable contract that provides all-inclusive professional services without hourly charges

An initial consultation will establish:

  • The covered BPM Platform and version
  • Covered Processes
  • Additional Environmental Notes

After the consultation, the annual fee is established and can be paid monthly or pre-paid annually.  


Deploying a new system is just the beginning. Step up to the next level of support with HyperCare+





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