2024 Low/No Code Workflow Automation MarketViewTM Report 

The 2024 MarketViewTM report for Low/No Code Workflow Automation provides:

  • TrendViewTM with benchmarking data and analyses of buyer and seller dynamics including an orientation to the market customers' workflow automation practices, as well as guidance for your workflow automation journey
  • VendorViewTM with facts and evaluations covering 9 Low/No Code workflow automation systems that deliver highly credible, AI-driven solutions for today's corporate legal departments

Download Executive Summary

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In-Depth MarketViewTM Coverage

The 2024 MarketViewTM report provides a detailed analysis of 9 advanced solutions from BRYTER, Checkbox, Josef, Kim Technologies, Legal Automation Group, LLC, Mitratech, Neota Logic, Onit, and Tonkean.  

Market Trends

The 2024 report evaluates 19 Low/No Code Workflow Automation Systems in a market with a broad mix of capabilities.

Key Solution Components

Defining 33 key solution components for WFA for users for deeper understanding of what these technologies offer

Practical Guidance for WFA Journey

Learn how to best approach WFA tech: judicious selection, workflow as a 'team sport' and establishing a roadmap

Vendor Solution Review

Delve into the advanced technology solutions market with in-depth profiles of 9 Advanced Solutions Vendors

Who Should Purchase?

Hyperion Research's Low/No Code Workflow Automation for Corporate Legal Departments MarketViewTM report offers decades-deep experience and knowledge of our workflow automation experts. This MarketViewTM report is for:

  • Legal Departments struggling with manual and tedious processes
  • Heads of Legal Ops looking to implement better efficiencies
  • Lean legal operations team investing in advanced technologies
  • General Counsel innovating with new practices to make their case to C-Suite

The report is based on more than 500 hours of analyst research, benchmarking, client interviews, and vendor briefings, creating an invaluable resource for general counsel and legal operations executives to understand the leading trends in corporate legal department management and the software solutions landscape.

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Expert Approach

Hyperion Research: Process and Evaluation Methodology for MarketView Reports

Our research uses a structured approach that includes both primary and secondary sources. Our experts use publicly available information, as well as proprietary research developed through our work with corporate law departments, law firms, software vendors and industry thought leaders. These resources are used to both develop our perspectives on the market and to evaluate vendors.

The MarketViewTM research process starts with a comprehensive market survey to identify all vendors in the solution area, constructed from market research, including our vendor database, Internet-based research, industry trade surveys, our own market experience, and our clients. All identified vendors are initially screened for inclusion based on their fit to our project objectives.